Day155,156&157: JAPAN

Sorry for not renewaling so long time...
I was crazy about my course of Graphic design.

After the last class,we went to drink with my class mates.
What a strong drinker british people are...
Next pub,next pub,next pub,and bar....
But it was really good night.

And I met one japanese girl in this course.
She's really creative person and has quite good idea toward Japan.
We talked about Japan.

So I'll tell you my thinking toward Japan today.
If you my idea make you angry and you have another idea,I'm sorry and pleas tell me.
We can discuss about it.

I think Japan is the country which is made by fake things.
In Japan,we can get evry information about all over the world.
Japanese people know many things.That's true.
But they just know.That's all.They don't have actual experience.
They don't try to make those information their own experience.
I know not everyone like that.But so many Japanese like that.
Those "fake experiences" make the cage around Japan.
Moreover Japan is the quite strong japanese society,probably it's really hard for foreign people to live in Japan.
So we tend to miss this cage around us.
For creative things,such kind of cage is the biggest enemy.
We have to notice this cage and blow it up.
Othewise I cannot see the world,even Japan.

Many European people say Japan is great,very creative country.
But if I ask them "Do you know some Japanese graphic designer?"
Their answer is "No,I don't know.But Japan is still good."
Why do they regard Japan as a creative?
What do they see?
Probably they see Edo-era or old good Japan.
These things are not made by us but people who are already dead.

What is there in Japan now?

I have no idea.
We have to start creat our Japanese creative things from now on.
Just use SUMI or WAGARA,it's not like that.
More deep,emotional and conceptual thing...

I have to study more about Japan.
There're so many things that I hate.
But I have to study about such bull-shit things,too.
Probably I can get something from them.
"The most national thing's gonna be the most international thing"
This is someone's words.
That's true.

I have to know much much more about Japan.
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I agree with you.
Japanese people are tend to just follow the pretty foreign things,although they don't know their true meaning.
It's empty.
So I noticed last time it's not the work for me to imitate foreign things,I have to create them with including Japanese factors.
Anyway,you go back to Japan in the last of May??
Posted by nishiko at 2006年04月16日 17:04
Thanks for commenting!
We have to discuss about it after I go back to Japan.
Not end of May,Beginning of May!!
I don't wanna go home!!!!
Posted by KC at 2006年04月17日 00:44
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最後の方のI have no idea以降のことが実践できたらすばらしいね(^_^)vがんば★
Posted by つっつー at 2006年04月17日 09:30
Thank you for commenting.
I agree with you.
Recently I've been feeling that I have to know things that I don't like first.
After knowing that,I can break them with my originality or creativity.
We have to discuss about it!!

Thank you for commenting!
Why do I have such idea?
Because I think Japanese have less active attitude toward life,it's like ambitious.
Of courese not everyone.
Fortunately,I have many friends who are ambitious.Of course you're one of them.

In some part,you're true.
Probably I don't know about Japan,either.
But before I came here,I didn't notice this fact.
The stay in London gave me the chance to think and learn about Japan.
I feel it was right to decide to come here.

It's really difficult to discuss at blog.
I want to discuss directly.
If we do so,probably you will agree with me bit more.。
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Posted by つっつ at 2006年04月19日 10:41
Hi KC! Long time no see... well it was me not checking your blog up lately.
However I am glad that you sound like that you're enjoying your course and all sounds exciting!!
I am looking forward to hearing your complete reveiw on the course when you finish it.
I am sure that you will be a creative designer ever I know of after this experience.
Ummm, serious and interesting view on Japan you have. Well I have some curious experiences of re-thinking of Japan, my home country.
I was having a harmless conversation with my foreign friends about the ideas about 'home'. Then it kind of hit me, and made me think 'what the hell does my country represent or make its impression towards the rest of the world? '
I couldn't think any spontaneous answers. I think that we are lucky in away that we have such an important opportunity to come to think of ideas like this. Perhaps becasue we could look into Japan with the perspective from outside Japan.

Anyway good luck to the rest of your course,mate.
Posted by maiko at 2006年04月24日 04:32




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