Day114&115: The last day of 20years old...

Today,it's 4th March.
Tomorrow,I'll be 21 years old.
Only 5 more muinites left...

I don't care about age.
If I'm 20 years old or 30 years old,it's same for me.
The most important thing is whether I enjoy this time or not.

But...This year of 20years old had big meaning for me...
Earth quake,London....So many things were there.
It was the toughest year for me.
But at the same time,this year taught me many things.
Family,friends,dream and myself....
I realized that how important they are.
And many people helped me.Thank you.

I'm going to be 21 years old.
But I'm still so young.I can do anything.
I'll walk the way that I believe.
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Day113: Brilliant

Today,I went to my friend's flat and she cooked Thai curry!!
It was really good!
Now,It's really cold in London.It's really fuck off.
To eat spicy hot food is the best way to keep me warm in London.
Or...make the girl friend keep me warm in the bed...
But it's impossible for me...

Anyway,her flat mate is British girl and we talked about pnonouciation.
Can you pronounce "Brilliant" properly?
It's really hard...Ahhh...I want to be able to speak Queen's English...
I need more practice..
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Day112: To protect yourself in London

Recently there're so many Japanese in London because it's spring vacation in Japan.
It's very easy to tell the difference between tourist and people who live.
So many people asked me "Where's dangerous in London?".I asked same thing before.
The answer is EVERYWHERE.Everywhere can be dangerous for everyone.
But I have never face serious situations since I came here.
Of course I'm luckey.But I'm always thinking some things and paying attention.
I'll tell you how to protect yourself in London.


Pretend to be Londonner: It's really important.Try to be asked the way by others.

Don't be outside alone at night: It's commonsense.

Smell and see: Don't use dirty and bad smelling streets.

Avoid eye contact: It can be dangerous situation.Japanese tend to look others too much.

I'm a girl: Male or femail.It doesn't make any difference here.

Don't advertise your wealth: Don't carry the bland bag.

Don't be too excited like tourists: Especially in tube and bus

Be happy: Bad things bring more bad things.
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Day111: After The Class...

I had a class today.
We always go to pub after the class!!
It's really important time for me.
To talk with friends is my inspiration.

Where prople get their inspirations...
It depends on indivisual.
For me,it's communicating with others.
Especially in London,I can meet and talk with many people who have different cultural back ground.
That is why I love London.
In Japan,it's still only Japanese society...It's really pitty and rubbish..
After I go back to Japan,I wannna keep contact with foreigners.

The photo is "FABRIC" that I told you yeaterday.The drummer is my friend.
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Day109&110: I'm sorry...


I went to "Fabric".
In London,there's the law that you can use abondoned flat as a club and gallery.
The fabric is the place such like this.
I went there because my friend had a gig.
And..... I'm so sorry,my mother....I cannot say on this blog...

My high school's junior,Chiho came to London!!
So we went to restaurant and pub!!
It was really good time!!
She has just arrived from Japan.
So I took her to her place.
But it was my first time to go around there....
We were getting lost....
It has been nearly 4 months since I came here...
I'm so sorry...

Day109and110 were full of apologize...I'm sorry...
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エジ『素』いつも素のエジで接してくれる のがうれしい。


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Day105,106&107: SABETSU

Sorry for my late renewal...

Recently I always go to somewhere and draw something.
I don't have time!!I have to go back to Japan soon!!!
Ahhh....I don't wanna go home....

Today,I want to talk about discrimination.
I went to Museum Of London yeaterday and I saw an exhibition.
It was about black people in London.
There're so many nationalities in London and these various nationalities make London interesting and exciting.
I love London.My main reason of this is this variety of nationality.
But there're still some discrimination here.
This discrimination makes London bad.
And I saw an photo of graffity against the door of the flat where black people live.


I cannot believe it...It's terrible.
This photo was took in 80's.
The situation is changing,I hope.
But probably the discriminaton like this still remain in this town.
It's really sad thing.

I've come to feel that nationalities don't make any difference since I came here.
It's easier to find the people from foreign countries than to find Londoner.
Black people,white people,yellow people,gay people,old people,young people...
We're all human beings.
If we cut the finger,we can see same red blood.
We're same.I want to talk with much more people and understand each other.
I want to say...

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Day104: Back to TANGO-CHO

Recently,when I go to bed,I always read my TANGO-CHO which I used when I was studying for univ.
Of course I've been already getting used to live here and talk with someone in Eglish.
But...my englih is still poor..it's rabbish...
I want to talk with my friends much more!!
So I back to TANGO-CHO.
I read it loudly.It's really strange for neighborhood...
Every night,they have to listen strange phrases.
For example..."Sex and viorence on TV".."murder him".."domestic violence"...
So many negative words....

But it's really good for my English to do this practice.
Now,English is my real daily experience.
"I heard this one!!" "Probably I don't use this word usually"...
I could get these words as a real words.
I'll continue to do this now on.

And I'll go to buy cheap radio today.
In my room,there's no information tool.
There's no TV,Radio,Telephone and internet...
My room is abondaned from world...
Buy radio and listen to it.It' gonna be my good practice of hearing!!
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Day102&103:When you are in the hard time...

Are you in the hard time?
Probably you are.
I'm happy to have so many friends who are in the hard time.
You will ask me "Are you crazy?Why are you happy!?"

But I'm really happy because people who are in the hard time are people who are making extra efforts.
Those people are my inspirations and they are always encouraging me.

When you are in the hard time,you're growing up.
When you are in the hard time,you're preparing for great future.
When you are in the hard time,you're getting know real important things for you.
When you are in the hard time,you're the most beautiful in the world.

We tend to lose self confidence when we're in the hard time.
I know it's really hard to trust my self in such time.
But we should be proud of ourselves who struggle to go forward in hard time.
This hard time's gonna be really important thing in our lives.

You're not alone.
There're so many people who can help and share with your feelings.
We can do anything if we trust ourselves.
When you are exhousted,look upon the blue sky.

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Day101: Amusement Park in London

Today I went to Exhibition with my friends.
It was something like architect exhibition.

After that,we went to Hammleys,the biggest toy shop in London.
It was really good...Many performers,toys...
Probably this place is like heaven for children!!
There's no Disney Land in London but you will have same feelings if you go there.
This place is no longer just tiy shop.It's amusement park!!

If you have children in future,you should take them there!!

Anyway I talked with them about future,art and so on..
Every moment in London give me inspiration and new idea toward my life.
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I went to friend's party to night.
It was really good time!!
BBQ in the cold weather...

And I met two black men.
They're really good people and one of them come to Fukuoka next year.
When I was talking with them,one of them started to rap with songs from i pod.
And another man started to rap as well like conversation.
Oh my god....It's a real living rap...

I talked about HIP HOP of Japan with them.
Many Japanese young people pretend to be hip hopper.
It's only surface.They don't know real spirit,history, anything!!
I hate them.
They said they hate them,either.
HIP HOP music has history.
And my friends have real spirit of this.
Darren(one of them who come to Fukuoka)said he want to show real HIP HOP to Japanese
and he want us to understand it.

To touch with real things has really big meaning.

Darren will show you real hip hop in Fukuoka someday.
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Day99: ?

There're so many ? in this world.

Why am I here?
Why am I living?
Why do people fight?
Why do we love?

I cannot know every reasons of them.
But I can try to know them.
This process will make me much deeper and stronger.

Keep having questions.

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Day98: Boys Be Ambitious

Boys Be Ambitious

I think it's really great word.
Without ambition,we can do anything.

Recently,I'm thinking about my future.
Maybe I don't do job hunting in Japan.
After graduate my university in Japan,I'll back to London for MA(Daigakuin).
I have no idea about what I'm gonna do after MA.
But I need more experience here.

In London,there're many ambitious people.
Talking with them,I came to feel like to learn much more things in London.
I know it's really difficult way.
Probably I will face many difficulities.
But I'm young!! Japanese people tend to say"I'm old..so I can't.."
No!! No way!! We're young!!!
There're so many people aged nearly 30 who are trying to do new things for their own future.
I want seek my dream until my dying day.

Some people will say I'm fool.
It's alright I am fool.
When I was a high school student,I always said "BAKA NI NARE".
I don't want to be a genious man who has dull and grey life.
I want to be a foolish man who has colourful and dreamfull life.

Of course,to go abroad is not only way to seek dream.
I have so many people who are making extra efforts for their futures.
The friends studying for university,the friends doing jobhunting in competitive country Japan,the friends looking for their ways in foreign countries......
I want to say Thank you very much to all of them.
They always help me up.
They always encourage me.So I want to encourage them.
There's only way to do this.
It's to be ambitious for my own life.

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Day97: Final Account of Chocolate


..........DONMAI KC
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Day96: Tomorrow is...

Valentine Day....

What's is this?
I have no idea about this...

I thought only Japanese regard 14th Feb as a important day..
Maybe it's same in London.
Every shops have chocolates for valentine.
....Fuck off....
It's really hard for me to buy chocolates...

Before I came here,I heard that foreign girls like Japanese boy.
One friens said "This year is Japanese year!!Go club KC!!"...
Listen Japanese boy! MOTEMASEN!!

Anyway I don't have time...
It's already 13th Feb.
I have to make much more effort and achieve something...


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Day95: Rainy Again..

It has started again....
Yes...Rainy day...................
I need more sunshine!!!

Somebody be my sunshine!!!


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Day94: Survival

Lst night,I had another party!
I danced too much...I can't move...haaa...I'm old....
But it was really good night,too!!

Anyway I live in London.
Everything is expensive in London...
1 pound = fuckin'200 yen....
Probably 1 pound is same value to 100 yen for british people...
If you want to live here,you should throw away your sense of yen.
Me? Of course I threw away this already...
But still poor life..

My breakfast : Bread with Jam
Lunch : Same to breakfast
Dinner : Pasta

It's not for enjoying eating but for making my stomach full.
I'm alright.
I'm in London for Design. not for eat....

Someone please cook for me......

I'll go to supermarket to buy pasta.....
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Day93: glamorous?

I'll report you about the party!!
It was really great night!!

This is the ticket for the party.


And my style was.....


Oh god....It's not glamorous...It's glamourless.....

This is my limit....I'm sorry..


Club Cafe de Paris!!...But it's London...


And fashion show was like this!!
It was really interesting!!....haaa...Creative..

After the show was PARTY!!!!

The last photo is KC & friends,W-Lisa!


And tonight,maybe I have another party...
I have to be glamourless again...
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Day92: PARTY

My friend invited me for club event!!
It's fashion show by St.Martin's student.

But problem isthe tonight's dress code...

dress code : glamorous

In my poor opinion..WEAR AS LESS AS I CAN....
It's still fuckin'cold here...I need much alchole!!

I'll report this later!!

Photo is the sunny sky of London!!HAPPY!!!!
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