Day90&91: H A L F

It has been already 3 months since I came here.
I'm in just half point of my stay..

3 more months..
It's very short time..
But I can do anything in this shor time.

I don't know how the next 3 months would be like.
But only thing that I can do is just going forward.
Recently,I feel that something is begining around me.
There're many chances in London.Probably it's same to Japan.
Find it or Miss it.
It depends on how I live.
Enjoying life...
I want to enjoy my one and only time which is given to me.

P.S. My friend adviced me to take my picture in this blog.
Today's photo is me in the bed.
Next I'll show you my photo with friends.


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Day88&89: Why people study...

We study at school..Math,Japanese,English,science,history,physics....
Most of them are useless in our daily life..
Why do we have to study..?

Because we have to make effort for something,I think.
Maybe most of people don't like studying.
I don't like it ,either.
But it's very important for our experience to do something that we don't like.
Of course studying is not only way...

I am a designer.
I need power im my design work.

You are a teacher.
You need power in your talking.

She is a poemer.
She needs power in her poem.

He is a bartender.
He needs power in his cocktail.

Where do these powers come from.
They come from our own experience.

So we study.
So we challenge.

So I'm in London.
I need more power in my design.

P.S. I recovered from ill!! Don't worry!!
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Day86&87: I need...

More rest....

Sorry I don't have enough energy to write diary...

I'm sorry...Good night....

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Day84&85: cold and shopping

.....I caught a cold again...
cold...runing nose...cough......

But I've just moved into new flat..
Without shopping I cannot survive.
No food, No drink, No toilet paper, No shampoo...

And I finished shopping and I'm writing this at an internet cafe..


I don't know why but it's fuckin'cold in London today...
cold cold cold cold.....

Someone help me...
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Day84: BAR & COLD...

Today I went to bar with my friends.
They are full variety of nationalities!!
It was really exciting.
In London,they're so many nationalities!!
But I think this is the one of the most exciting aspects in London.

And ....Maybe I caught a cold again...
mmmm...cold....runing nose.....Good nighht....
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Day83: Stop Kissing!!

After 4.5 hours English class...
The Tube had a problem...
I had to wait for it for more than 20 minutes...
"I wanna go home..." I thought.
One couple appeared and stood in front of me..


They kissed evry fuckin'5 seconds!!!

Ahhhh.......i'm tired..
Fuck Off....

Hello kids!
Remember."FUCK"is the most important word in English!!
Repeat after me...
"FUCK OFF" ""FuCk OfFわーい(嬉しい顔)""
"FUCK YOU SON OF A BITCH" ""FucK YoU SoN Of A biTcHわーい(嬉しい顔)""
Brah brah brah...

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Read It If You Want

I wrote a essey for homework of the english course.
So if you want please read and advice me.

The art should be rejected in favour of more practical studies.
Do you agree?

I agree with this idea completely because the art makes practical studies much
easier to underatand for people who don't have any idea of these studies.It is
necessary for us to know about practical studies which shape the bases of our daily
lives.However sometimes it is quite difficult to do this.Because they tend to be
too complicated and ignore our demands to know them easily and the paper documents
which are written down using only words,especially difficult technical terms discourage us to try to know about what the studiestell us.
The art is more emotional and eye catching than practical studies.People prefer seeing the art to seeing the texts of practical studies.The reason of this is quite simple,it is much more fun.These visual images of the art help us to comprehend things because it is easy for us to create the images in our own brains if we have already had some images.
The good example of this is the Tube map in London.There are more han ten lines in London.It would be very difficult for people who are unfamiliar with this city to know how to get to their destination.But in fact,it is quite easy.The map helps me to understand.If we don't have any map,we will probably have big difficulity.It is easy to see and remember the lines which is divided by colours and a simple colourful map.
Same good effects will occur in other situations as well.We should not divide practical studies from the art.If we do so,the world will be harder to understand and less fun.Probably the art which is rejected in favour of practical studies will be called "Design".
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Day82: Do you wanna get marry?

I got a BATON from Hase.
It's about marriage.
Is the marrige hell or heaven...?
The most difficult question in the world...

No!!!I won't.Fuck Off!
But in the future,I will...


I don't know.
When I become strong enough to protect the family...
Ahhh...It's a long long way....


Respect each other.
I'll support her dream. She supports my dream.


Two.Beause there're two children in my family,me and my little sister.


SHIKAESU..it's joking..I'll talk about it.


夫が尻にしかれる(Hase's answer)
I agree with this idea completly.My father is always like that...
Mother is too strong..But it's good balance.


No I'll continue to work.
I don't want my partner to give up her dream even if it's not good for family.
When people give up to seek their own dreams it's time to be dead.
I want to keep discovering my new way even I'm married with someone.


Nothing. We should create something together.


Ofcourse London!! BUT!!Only Summer time!!


Maybe... I don't know.

It's too enbaracing to answer these questions!!
Forget about it!!

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Day80&81: Flat & Chinese New Year

Sorry for late renewal...

Finally,finally I found a flat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The last one had a problem and I couldn't move in.
So I had to back to flat hunting...
And I found a flat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll move in this room in this week.I'll introduce you soon..

My new home town Swiss Cottage

And Yesterday I went to parade of Chinese New Year with my friends!!
It was really interesting! But...too crowded...
Too many people..I'm really tired..
No more people,no more parade....

.... too many...

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Day79: ....

dark rainy cold winter of London...

I'm tired!!
Good Night!!!!

sorry for rubbish diary...
Next time, it will be........zzZ
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Day78: See You Again

One of my best friends in London..Kim,from Hong Kong.
I met him in the English course just 2 weeks ago.
He is really out going,funny and kind person.
We have a plan to go to drink this weekend.
But we cannot.

His mother had an accident in Hong Kong.
So he had to go back home immediately.
And he left London..
It was sudden good-bye...
I really wanted to talk more and go to many places with him.

He called me from the air port before he left.
"Thak you.I was happy to meet you."he said.
I felt he was little bit crying.

I don't want to say "Good Bye".
Because I believe that we can meet someday.
So I want to say "See you again".
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Day77: Little Sister & Brother

Today I talked with my little sister.
She's now 16 years old.
She's making extra effort to see whole new world.
She's young.She's suffered.She's thinking.And She's growing up.
I really hope her success.....?
No,not success.She will be happy even if she fail.
Because she's working hard now.
So I hope her happy life!

But my little sister is not only her.
I have many little sisters and little brothers in Japan even in London.
The brother who are studying hard to find his new way...
The sister who are surviving in London by herself...
Every friends who are younger than me and trying to do something are my little sisters and brothers.

They always give me a power.
I'm so proud of them...

Good luck with all my little sisters and brothers.

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Day76: After the class...

We went to PUB with my friends in the course!!
They're people who have English as a 2nd language.
But of course they can speak English well.
So we have same problems in London.
We had a really good time!!

The foreigners in London (I'm a foreigner here) try to challenge something.
Of course not everyone like that.
But fortunately there're so many good people around me.
They always help me up.
When I talk with them,I feel like to do something new.

Also next week,we will probably go to pub after the class.
It's very good for not only my studying Englsh but also my studying life.

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Day75: Difficulity

There's no difficulity which has no meaning in the world.
The difficulity is a gift which is given to us for growing up.
Escape or Tackle...
I want to continue to tackle them until the death takes me.

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Day74: 0.625%

The recent average life expectancy is about 80 years.
My rest of my life is about 60 years.
I'm in London for 6 months.

It's only 0.625% of my whole life.
Even if I think with 60 years,it's still 0.83%.
But this time will have big meanings and worth.

If I fail in this 6 months,I can do anything in 99.17%.

Time is always something like that.
We tend to see only things that we can see now,many anxious,fear,difficulities...
And we tend to avoid these risks.
But without taking risk,we cannot do anything.
And these risks are not so tough things when we look back later.

Don't be afraid!! Move now!!

P.S. My flat has a problem with arrangement of the room.
I'll go back to flat hunting.Ganbarou.
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Day73: Curry rice

Today's dinner was curry rice!!
My high school's friend Takahashi cooked for me!!!
He's really good guitarist and also cooker!!

Recently,my foods are always pasta...
Today's my dinner was really good for my health!!
I could survive now on.

Anyway time flies....
I'll go back to Japan on May..
Only 3 more months...

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Day72: Sunny Day

Today,London was really beautiful day!!
It's really rare.

It's always cloudy,dark and rainy....
It makes me sick.
In London,there're real desease wich is caused by weather.
I forgot the name,but there're so many people who have this,I heard.

But I have something to work...
So I couldn't go out and walk around...

But I could feel sun light from windin.
It's enough...

The photo is normal dark London.
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Day71: Design "I LOVE LDN"

Have you seen the logo "I LOVE NY"?
Probably you have.

I'll try to design "I LOVE LDN".

It's not normal design.
I'll draw the heart using many images of London.
For example,BIG BEN,UNION JACK,COINS,London EYE,many rubbishes...
Thy're not only good things but also bad things.

There're many good things in London.
But at the same time,there're many bad things,too.

I know both sides.But I love London.
I want to express this feeling.

The photo is rough sketch.
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When you fed up with London,it's when you fed up with whole your life.

I found this words in a book before I came here.
Now I'm little bit coming to understand real meaning of this.

It has been 70 days since I came here.
Of course there're many difficulities.There are much more risks than Japan.
But I want to be here.It's worth to take those risks.

I have to go back to Japan because I couldn't get a visa.

But someday I want to come back here.
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Day69: English Language Evening Course

Today's my first class of English Language Evening Course!!

This course is the one of the short coureses of St. Martins College Of Art and Design,the very famous college all over the world.

The class is very active.We have to talk always about something.
Today's theme was "What is Academic writing".It was really good class!!
Fortunately,there's no Japanese except me!!!
It's the most important thing!I can only speak English.

In Japan,the Language course is for people who cannot speak English.
In London,the Langusge course is for people who want to learn English.
Everyone can speak English in my course.The teacher speaks as usual.
It's little bit difficult for me.But at the same time good for improving my English.

And I talked with a german girl.
She used to be here for six months like me.
But she came back to German because she didn't have enough money.
And now,she came back to London for MA(Daigakuin).
She told me "You can come here again for MA after saving money in Japan".
She's right!!I nearly ive up to study here because it's too expensive.
She gave me a courage and new dream.

And after the class,I suggeted to go to PUB next week to everyone.
We will be good friends...

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